The Council of Majorca's cultural department has organised an exhibition of 18th century Minorcan cartography which can be seen at the Biblioteca Lluis Alemany in Via Roma until the end of May. It is called Port Mahon, 18th century. The exhibition comprises 17 maps, four etchings and a royal edict printed in Mahon and dated in Versailles in 1762, which is “The Declaration of War of King Louis XV of France against King José I of Portugal.” The document is written in Catalan and French. The maps and etchings refer to the island of Minorca, the port of Mahon and also include scenes of military campaigns. They are the work of French, British and German cartographers. One of the most important exhibits is a map of the island of Minorca by John Armstrong. The maps form part of the collection at the library, and the aim of the exhibition is to make it better known. The library is part of the La Misericordia cultural centre.