Local model Anna Vives

Yesterday was the official beginning of summer and Majorcan model Anna Vives helps to give us a glimpse of things to come. The Summer Solstice, an astronomical event which is celebrated throughout Europe, was welcomed in Majorca yesterday as Islanders brace themselves for the tourist onslaught. Weather on the Island has been usual for the time of year, perhaps a little cooler and cloudier to begin with but now the temperatures are soaring and the humidity will also begin to creep up. Get ready to share picnics and homes with a variety of bugs and insects, especially the pesky mosquito who is out in force at the moment. For most allergy sufferers, June and July are considered the calm before the storm. By then, most trees and grasses have finished pollinating, leaving moulds as the predominant allergen. It usually isn't until August, when ragweed and other weeds start growing, that allergies become a serious problem again.


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