A 39-year-old man from Son Ferriol died yesterday while diving in waters off Cala Estancia in Palma. A spokesperson for the 112 emergency service said that the alarm was raised at 12.30 when a yacht near the restaurant El Cielo reported that a diver appeared to be floating in the sea. An ambulance and a team of paramedics rushed to the scene immediately to find on their arrival that the victim's colleagues had dragged 39-year-old Jose Mari Torrens on to the beach. The paramedics battled to resuscitate the victim for 15 minutes, administering heart massages in a bid to save the diver's life. But they battled in vain. Within minutes the area was full of curious locals, tourists, mounted police, local police and a red cross unit on a jet bike. Once the victim was confirmed dead, he was covered in a thermal blanket and his body remained on the beach for nearly two hours until a magistrate granted permission for the body to be removed from the scene. While the body remained on the sands, police spoke to the victim's friends, trying to establish what happened. It appears that the victim has been diving at a depth of some five metres and suddenly felt ill and drowned. Police will today receive the results of the autopsy which will confirm the cause of death.