Majorcan Purificación Ródenas was yesterday ordered to be held in prison by Spanish high court judge Baltasar Garzón for harbouring suspected members of the Basque separatists movement ETA at home in Barcelona in January. Garzon yesterday accused the 39-year-old Majorcan of collaborating with an armed movement and for having assisted two suspected members of a Barcelona ETA commando unit, Fernando García Jodrá and Marina Bernadó. In her statement before judge Garzon, who tried to extradite General Pinochet from London to stand trial in Spain, Ródenas recognised the charges she is accused of but explained that she only allowed Marina Bernadó, a close friend, to stay at her home for five days. According to Ródenas, she agreed to give Marina Bernadó shelter because she had recently lost a close friend and was suffering from depression. However, the Barcelona ETA unit, which was busted on Monday as part of the Spanish government's crack down on domestic terrorism, is believed to have been very active over the past few months and Garzon ordered the Majorcan to be held in jail.