Traffic along the treacherous road from the Port of Pollensa to Formentor was brought to a standstill yesterday evening after a vehicle involved in a head-on collision, smashed through the wall and went over the edge. Miraculously the Guardia Civil confirmed late last night that there were no fatalities. The vehicle came to a rest upside down on a ledge hanging over the sheer drop, just a few feet below the mountain road. The accident happened just after 5.30pm and first at the scene was the air ambulance helicopter which was forced to land on the beach at Formentor because it was unable to land at the scene of the accident. The crash happened about half a mile past the popular view point at the top of the winding drive up from the Port of Pollensa - from then on it's down to Formentor with a sheer drop on the left-hand side all the way to the hotel. Eyewitnesses on the beach said last night that the helicopter swooped in over the beach, looking for a place to land, before returning to put down on the sand.