Noise and overcrowding are the two biggest complaints about the Balearics from German tourists, according to spokespeople for Germany's two leading tour operators, TUI and Neckermann. TUI boss Juan Carlos Alia said yesterday that German visitors to the islands “are more and more sensitive and aware of environmental issues and many of the complaints are based on too much noise and too much urban sprawl in their resorts.” Alia said that the number of complaints this year is no different to previous years, “our clients return home happy with the way they have been treated in the Balearics,” but the reasons for the complaints have changed. This year, 1.200.000 tourists holidayed in the Balearics with TUI, slightly more than with Neckermann. A spokesperson for Neckermann said that “in general” its clients “are satisfied with their holiday, but there are always groups of people who will complain about the noise and over crowding.” According to figures produced by the Balearic Ministry for Tourism, the level of satisfaction among holidaymakers is “very high,” especially with regards to the treatment they receive and the service.