At the end of every summer season in the Balearics some 6'000 businesses close and 25 per cent of people employed during the summer lose their jobs. The CC.OO union's secretary general for employment, Baltasar Piñeiro unveiled the figures yesterday and union leader José Benedicto said that the main reason for the large number of businesses which go bust after the season and the high rate of job loss is because the Balearics is far too dependent on tourism and the service sector. José Benedicto said that study of the employment sector carried out by the union has established that while there is more work available “it is of lower quality.” The union leader said that the Balearics is increasingly more competitive, not because of a greater level of specialisation, use of technology and training, but because of the “precarious conditions under which people have to work.” The continual rise in the number of accidents in the work place is a prime concern of all the unions and the Balearic government, but the accident rate is still rising.