Balearic leader Francesc Antich confirmed yesterday that Josep Antoni Ferrer, the only Minorcan minister in his cabinet, resigned as head of the public works, housing and transport ministry because he was told that a new direction was needed in the key department. Ferrer resigned hours after he was told that Antich wanted to make changes and give a greater impulse to the key ministry. He was the third minister to leave the cabinet, following Misericordia Ramon at innovation and energy and Joan Mayol at agriculture. But Antich insisted that he did not “pressure” Ferrer to retire, and stressed that he had not lost confidence in him. But, he said, “a new impulse was needed to culminate this ministry's projects.” He admitted that Ferrer's job had not been an easy one, and he thanked him for his work. One of the cornerstones of the policy is the moratorium on building, which Ferrer had wanted to postpone until agreement was reached with the Majorcan Union (UM), which controls the Council of Majorca and is one of the key parties in Antich's coalition.