The Lord Nelson in Palma.


The British sailing ship Lord Nelson has arrived in the port of Palma with 40 disabled people on board. Spokesman Piers Alvarez-Muñoz said that the idea is “to give everybody the chance to experience the pleasure of sailing.” To this effect, accommodation is adapted for the use of wheelchairs, there are various lifts, electronic mattresses for the deaf which give warning of emergencies, and handrails and signs in Braile for the blind, among other facilities. The Lord Nelson belongs to the Jubilee Sailing Trust which organises one or two week cruises in Spanish waters, between Alicante, Las Palmas, Tenerife and Palma. The cost per person is around £600, a much cheaper rate than cruises in a similar unadapted ship, according to the organisers. The passengers are of different nationalities and are a mixed age group. They are encouraged to help in the kitchen and in the general sailing activities. They can even experience what it feels like to be at the helm. The ship attracted a lot of attention when she sailed into port.