Police provided further information yesterday about Friday night's shooting at a Palma industrial estate. The victim, the suspect's former boss, 55-year-old Francisco Salvador Quereda Lorente, was still in hospital in a stable, but serious condition, after being shot three times, including once in the head. Police sources said yesterday that the 56-year-old man being held for the shooting, approached his former boss threatening “pay me or I'll kill you.” A witness said that he heard a single shot before more threats were made and the final two shots rang out. The suspect was then seen driving off in a white Renault Clio. Police believe that both men were involved in a legal battle over money. Investigators also have the weapon, a re-conditioned 22 calibre pistol which was later found at a house in calle Poyma in Palma. The suspect used to work for Lorente as an accountant and sales representative, but it appears at this stage of the investigation, that the two had a falling out over money, deciding to try and resolve the matter in the courts. The investigation continues.