Cpnsular Agent Tumi Bestard with members of the Secret Service in Palma.


First thing yesterday morning, a people carrier pulled up outside the United States Consular Agency in Palma and, along with US Consular Agent Tumi Bestard, a team of five agents from the US Treasury Department slipped into the building as security preparations for Bill Clinton's visit stepped up a gear. Bill Clinton may well be the former President of the United States, but a ring of steel is being thrown up around all possible Majorcan destinations during his weekend, with daughter Chelsea, on the island. While the FBI and the Secret Service are also involved in security operations around the Clintons, it is the Treasury Department which is responsible for all the logistical preparations and law enforcement. However, the presence of US security agents is going to be far less and slightly more discreet than on the Clintons' last visit to Majorca four years ago. But nothing will be left to chance in view of the current international situation and Clinton himself having previously ordered military action against bin Laden in Afghanistan.