Yasser Arafat will be in Majorca next week.


Over the next seven days, some of the world's most protected individuals will be coming to Majorca. The first of which, former United States President Bill Clinton, arrives this morning from Madrid amidst one of the tightest security operations ever mounted in the Balearics. Yesterday a media blanket was thrown around the Clinton weekend in Majorca with gaining access to Bill Clinton and his daughter Chelsea far tougher than when he, as President, and Hillary were here four years ago. Clinton has given strict instructions to his security chiefs how he wants the “private” weekend in Majorca policed. Clinton is expected to be staying at a private house and the security situation will be assessed once he has arrived with regards to him playing golf. Secret Service agents will be co-ordinating the security operation with the Majorcan police forces, in particular the Guardia Civil and the National Police who will be on alert for the forthcoming week. Next Friday the Hotel Formentor will be hosting the third Mediterranean Summit with Palestinian President Yasser Arafat returning to Majorca to attend along with the Spanish prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and political leaders from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.