Residents from Consell, Binissalem, Biniali and Sencelles turned out in force yesterday, to stage a demo outside the premises of Lavanderías Diana in Consell. It is claimed that the business is responsible for pouring polluted water into the Solleric torrent or water course. The demo, in which more than 300 people took part, was organised by the environmental group Gadma. The demonstrators have been protesting about the pollution for some months. A spokesman for Gadma, Bernat Fiol, said that they wanted the laundry closed down until it repaired its installations so that it no longer polluted the torrent, which runs through several municipalities. The demonstrators, armed with whistles and banners, stood outside the premises for more than an hour, and booed as lorries drove out. Fiol said that Gadma had protested to the authorities and next week plans to have talks with environment minister Margalida Roselló. He said that they would take her a sample of water from the torrent. The Mayors of Consell and Sencelles, Joan Bibiloni and Josep Aloy, have given Gadma their support. Earlier in the week, Gadma presented the Consell council with a petition backed by more than 2'800 signatures against the laundry.