The woman cannnot go home until the envelope is analysed.


The security services were put on alert in Palma on Friday, when a woman received an envelope containing a white powder, which she was afraid contained anthrax. The woman, Pilar Ortis, said that the envelope had been sent from Barcelona. She immediately dialled 112 and the police rushed to her home. One officer, wearing a special protection suit, entered the room, collected the envelope and put it in a container which was sealed. The woman was then informed that she could not enter her home until the substance had been analysed and was advised to go to a hospital. She went to a private hospital, which sought advice from Son Dureta's microbiology department, who said a nasal sample should be taken and the woman could be released. She alleges that she was told Son Dureta refused to analyse the substance. The police confirmed that they still had the envelope, which would be sent to Barcelona on Monday (tomorrow), and they would have the results by Wednesday. In the meantime, she was not to go home. The woman then filed a complaint because she said if it were anthrax, she could not wait for the results. The judge ordered Son Dureta to analyse the nasal sample taken from the woman.