Soller will relive one of the most dramatic pages of its history tomorrow, Monday, with the re-enactment of a pirate raid which took place in 1561. The ringing of the church bells at 3pm serves as a warning that the pirate ships are approaching. In Plaza Constitución, Captain Angelats, the hero of the day, rallies the defenders of the town. They include bandits who come down from the mountains and who are given a royal pardon in exchange for their services. The pirates first try to land at Can Generos beach at about 5pm, but they are beaten back. They are luckier at their second attempt, at Repic beach at 6.15pm, and start to fight their way to the town, meeting fierce opposition at the Barona bridge. In the meantime, another group of pirates who have landed at Ses Puntes at 8pm, manage to reach the town, which they ransack. The pirate leader is about to proclaim victory when more defenders arrive and, led by Capt Angelats, chase the pirates back to their boats. The victory is celebrated at 9pm with a colourful procession featuring many historical characters. The procession is led by the Valentes Donese, representing the Casasnovas sisters, who helped in the defence of Soller.


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