Calvià Council yesterday reminded taxi drivers that it is willing to continue negotiations over the controversial 40 new licences which are to be issued this year. The taxi drivers are only prepared to accept less than 25 new licences this year, but in a letter to cabbies yesterday, Calvia Mayor, Margarita Nájera, pointed out that no new licences have been issued since 1978 and that “the public, businesses and tourists have a right to a modern and efficient taxi service.” Since 1978 the resident population of Calvia has grown significantly as has the number of tourists which visit the region every summer and the council says that there are no longer enough taxis to meet demand. With 40 more licences, the number of taxis would rise to 241, but cabbies are protesting in defence of their livelihoods and also new holiday regulations and rota systems. The dispute has now been raging for nearly ten days. The council has held a series of meetings with taxi representatives and is prepared to continue talks in order to reach a satisfactory solution. The public just want to see an end to the dispute and the disruption as soon as possible.