Palma's Son Sant Joan airport is listed as being one of the worst in Spain for comfort and access, according to a report in the magazine Consumer, which put the installations at Madrid and Malaga as the best, with Alicante, Pamplona, Barcelona and Bilbao ranking alongside Palma as the worst. To compile the report, the magazine analysed the 12 biggest airports in Spain, and while it showed that they were deficient in comfort and communications, the installations were reported to be safe, clean and in a good state of conservation. Access to the airports by public transport is “insufficient” and “clearly inferior to that of other European airports.” Only the airports of San Pablo (Seville) and Pablo Picasso (Malaga) got good marks in this section, the report said. There was public transport for the first and last flights in only three airports, Malaga, Seville and San Sebastian. Only Malaga and San Sebastian got top marks for comfort and leisure, which analysed areas for sitting down, which were not cafeterias, and amusement for making the waiting period less boring. Palma airport was among the 40 per cent where cleaning was “excellent” or “very good.” And parking is among the cheapest, alongside Valencia and Bilbao. The airports analysed were Barcelona (El Prat), Bilbao (Loiu), Valencia (Manises), Alicante (Altet), Málaga (Pablo Picasso), Pamplona (Noain), Gran Canaria (Gando), Palma de Mallorca (Son Sant Joan), Santiago de Compostela (Lavacolla), San Sebastián (Fuenterrabía) and Sevilla (San Pablo).