The Spanish government yesterday announced that it considers the 33 per cent discounts on domestic flights to which Balearics residents are entitled to be sufficient and that the resident reduction will not be increased to 50 per cent, as proposed by Palma. The Balearic government has claimed that increases in flight prices, caused by the increase in airport taxes and extra security costs, have reduced the real value of the 33 per cent discount. However, Madrid argued yesterday that airport tax hikes are not dependent on the government but “on the market.” The Balearic government, as all autonomous governments however, can act unilaterally and increase the resident discount, as it has with regards to maritime transport. Palma maintains that the price of seats between the Balearics and the mainland has risen by as much as 50 per cent, but Ministry for Development sources said yesterday the consumer should be more aware of the flights on offer and opt for the tickets which offers the best value for money. The announcement will come as yet another blow to the Balearic government whose relationship with Madrid is still very unproductive.


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