The Mayor of Calvia, Margarita Nájera, apologised to the people of Calvia “for the lack of dialogue” and “the controversy caused by the decision to introduce parking metres.” Margarita Nájera made her grand apology with the elections firmly in mind while unveiling the council's new slogan and municipal logo “Cordialment, Calviᔠ(cordially Calvia.) The Mayor admitted that the complaints received by the town hall have clearly shown that “in certain cases, the council has acted without sufficient dialogue, we also recognise that some acts have not been very popular and we are sorry.” She said that it is depending on the close co-operation from the local community in changing the decision making process. The Mayor added that “in view of the international, national and local political tension, now is a good time to develop closer local ties.” The “Cordially Calvia” campaign is set to run for the next one to two years at a cost of 24.040 euros. Apart from promotions and publicity, the campaign also includes a change of corporate identity for the council and a new logo. New initiatives to create a closer community are to be launched such as welcome campaigns for new residents and an army of “green jackets” at the entrance of the town hall to provide more information. Calvia was rocked by a taxi dispute over new licences this summer which angered both residents and tourists. Cabbies picketed the town hall for days, leaving the municipality with no taxis. The parking metre decision however caused absolute outrage with the town hall coming under fire from residents and local business people, many of whom have not had a very good summer because of the drop in tourism.