Palma has been witness to an average of 110 motorcycle accidents a month this year, down 11 per cent on last year, despite the still alarmingly high figure. Back in May, the RACC automobile club in conjunction with Balearic bank Sa Nostra launched the motorcycle accident campaign “” and it appears that it has proved successful. The injury rate has also fallen by nearly 30 per cent and city council spokesperson, José Manuel Sierra, said that “solutions to one of the capital's worst problems” are still being developed. He pointed out that over half of motorcycle victims in Palma are aged under 20. Local Police have stepped up their spot controls, making sure that helmets are being worn, that motorcycles are in good working order and that they have all the necessary paperwork. In the first five months of the campaign, 123 controls were set up and 2.039 motorcycles inspected, with a 68 per cent fail rate. A blanket advertising campaign at local cinemas has also reached over 120.000 young people and police have lectured nearly 6.000 pupils at Palma's secondary schools in a bid to drive the safety message home. The campaign is going to continue into next year and over the forthcoming winter holiday, local police will be stepping up their spot controls. One proposal is to increase insurance premiums and block the loop holes that some teenagers are managing to benefit from when taking out insurance policies under the name of a parent or family member aged over 18.