No sooner has central government made clear its intentions to reduce the cost of air and sea travel for Balearics residents, it was announced yesterday that airport charges in Spain will go up by four per cent next year, sparking similar fears to those in the UK about what the rise will mean for passengers. Airport taxes in Spain went up at the start of this year with the airlines warning against such a move as, due to extra security costs, further increases in operating costs may have to be passed onto the passengers. Airfares in Spain have gone up this year, over the festive period they have been hiked a further 30 per cent, sparking consumer fury, but the four per cent rise in airport charges next year is expected to push airfares up even higher. In the Balearics over the past few year, airfares have risen by 60 per cent, cancelling out the 33 per cent discount residents are entitled to, and the four per cent rise reduces the real worth of the 33 per cent discount even more. The Balearics wants a 50 per cent reduction and the public have already started signing a massive petition which is destined for Madrid.