Spanish airports have introduced searches of passengers boarding flights. The new move came into operation yesterday, when everything ran smoothly, according to reports. Most of the passengers understood the situation and considered it beneficial to security. The searches of passengers and hand luggage have been introduced by the airport authority AENA in keeping with European Union regulations, and following the instructions of the secretary general of security. Very few delays were reported and queues were no longer than other days. Once passengers went through the metal detector, they were subject to searches. Some of the passengers were aware of the new system through the media, but others were taken by surprise. Most of the passengers viewed the measure as “good,” and one said “there should be no incidents as it is all to increase safety.” An air hostess searched as she boarded a flight to Barcelona was in favour of the measure as a way of preventing the introduction of sharp or dangerous objects on board planes. “If there are a lot of queues, which I doubt, then people should just turn up earlier. It is all for the good of safety,” she said yesterday after being searched. Nobody raised any objections, and the searches are over in seconds. But one passenger at Madrid, who was boarding a plane for Memphis, criticised the measure, saying it was terrible to be put under suspicion just for catching a plane.

However, another passengers said “I prefer to be searched and know that nobody can carry a cutter or something dangerous on the plane.” The general opinion was that it was a good idea, and doesn't cause delays. One of the objections was that airport employees had a different access to the embarking gate and were not searched, so “they could carry dangerous objects.”