The organisers of the ninth campaign to collect and recycle soft drink cans and similar have set themselves the target of 475'000 cans. In the first year of the campaign, they collected just 100'000. The campaing, No Les Llancis (Don't Throw Them Away) has been organised by the PIME Foundation of the small and medium sized enterprise organisation, and is sponsored by the Balearic environment ministry, the Council of Majorca's environmental department and the savings bank Sa Nostra. Also collaborating in the campaign are Tirme (which runs the rubbish plant at Son Reus), the Fundació Deixalles, which specialises in recycling, Coca Cola, Publicidad Malla, Arpal (association for the treatment of aluminium), the business organisations Pimeco and PIMEM, the Grup Serra and other firms. For every 20 cans collected, the Fundació Deixalles gives one euro to Cáritas and the Tallers d'Inserció, workshops which train the marginalised and help them find jobs. Special containers have been installed in all the schools in Palma as part of the campaign. The campaign was launched on November 10 and will continue until March 30. Tomás Garrido, chairman of the PIME Foundation, said that many people were unaware that the tins can be recycled and it was important to get the message across to the public in general and young people in particular. That is one of the reasons why special attention is being paid to schools. He added that the Foundation backed any social initiative which was beneficial to residents and respected the environment. The funds raised during the campaign will be used to finance projects to fight unemployment, and to provide housing and food. In addition to schools, the special containers have also been left in shops, bars, restaurants and church halls.