Joan Riudavets Molls will today be celebrating his 113th birthday and, as far as the Guinness Book of records is concerned, will become the oldest man in Europe and the second oldest man in the world. At present the Guinness Book of Records lists Japanese Yukici Chuganji as the oldest man alive. He became the oldest man alive in Japan on January 18, 2000 and took the world record title on January 4 2002 at the age of 123 when Italian Antonio Todde, just shy of his 113th birthday died. Chuganji, born in 1889, went on to celebrate his 113th birthday on March 23 - the oldest woman however, also Japanese, is 114-year-old Kamato Hongo. Riudavets started his birthday celebration on Friday with a reception thrown by the Insular Council of Minorca and a visit from Balearic President Francesc Antich - today's official celebrations will be a strictly private family affair at his home in Es Migjorn Gran with his 102-year-old brother Pere and 98-year-old Josep. Riudavets has been receiving a flood of greeting cards but yesterday received a special telegram from Spanish prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar and family. Aznar visited Riudavets during the prime minister's summer holiday in Minorca this year and the two spoke at great length.“I was honoured to talk to you this summer, exchange ideas and learn about your long and hard life which young people should use as an example. “I hope we will have another opportunity to meet and carry on our conversation again next summer,” Aznar wrote in the telegram. Emerging from their meeting on August 25, Aznar remarked to the press “when we lost Cuba, he was nine years old...” Riudavets was born in Es Migjorn Gran, where he now lives with his daughter, on December 15, 1889. Yesterday's celebrations were also marked by the presentation of Riudavets's biography which has been written by retired university professor Pere Barceló. Riudavets said yesterday “I've led a peaceful life and always made an effort not to do things badly, although no doubt I have. If that's been the case, it was ignorance as opposed to bad will.” He added that he is still extremely happy to be living in Es Migjorn, where his great nephew is the mayor.