The Balearics is not top of Britain's list for Christmas and New Year destinations and the secretary of state for tourism, Juan José Güemes, said he is still deeply concerned about the condition of the Balearic tourist industry. An estimated 1.3 million Britons will be travelling by air over the weekend of December 27 and 30 according to airports operator BAA yesterday. Paris, New York, Orlando, Tenerife, Dublin and Amsterdam have emerged as the top destinations for Christmas and the New Year. The most popular travel days at BAA's three London airports - Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted - are expected to be December 22 at Heathrow, December 22 and 29 at Gatwick and December 21 and 27 at Stansted. Güemes is concerned about the fact that, at the moment, international arrivals in the Balearics is down by as much as ten per cent on last year, despite a rise in passenger traffic at Palma airport last month. Güemes admitted that the collapse of the German market not only affected the summer, but will also have a negative effect on this winter. But he pointed out that a number of other factors also have to be taken in to account, such as value for money, quality of service etc, and dealt with in order for the Balearics to recover.