The National Police drugs squad has confiscated drugs and firearms from two alleged dealers in Palma and Marratxi, and have made two arrests in connection with the find. The two men arrested have been identified as Diego R N, 35, who has a record of seven arrests for robbery, and Luis C B, 32, who has been arrested on three occasions. The operation started at the end of November and ended last Monday with the arrests of the two men. One of the men was detained as he arrived at his home in Marratxi. He was riding a motorbike and his young son was riding pillion. His back pack was found to contain just under 300 grams of cocaine, a mobile phone and 8'090 euros in cash. A search of his home revealed more cocaine, extasy, four savings books showing deposits of more than 43'000 euros, stocks and shares and more than 3'000 euros in cash. Luis C B runs a bar in Son Cladera and a search of his home revealed 1'455 euros in cash, more than 2'000 grams of hashish, marihuana, heroin, small doses of cocaine, precision scales, two mobiles and firearms, including a fake Magnum. Two wallets with Guardia Civil and police badges, boxes of blanks and bullets were also found during the search. Earlier this week, in a separate operation, the Guardia Civil of Palma seized 21 kilos of hashish, found in a car which arrived by ferry.