The Balearic ministry of innovation and energy says that the islands must increase their capacity of fuel storage (petrol, kerosene, gas and diesel) by 77'000 cubic metres, or 28 per cent of current capacity, to guarantee full autonomy in cases of force majeure. At the moment, the Balearics have a storage capacity of 279'000 cubic metres to supply electric and gas-fired power stations, vehicles, air transport and other activities (farm equipment, industry, the service sector, etc). Minorca is the island most at risk, as its storage capacity is only 16'000 cubic metres, when it should be almost double that. In Majorca, the biggest storage centres are those of CLH at Son Banya, which can hold 119'000 cubic metres of various types of fuel, and Porto Pi (15'000 cubic metres). The GESA-ENDESA installations have a capacity of 93'000 cubic metres, which includes 18'000 cubic metres at the new installations of Son Reus. However, no new sites for storage facilities have been included in the master plan for energy, so any extra space would have to be added to existing facilities.