Fire fighters needed to use special protection against the intense heat.

Fire swept through an underground car park in Arenal in the early hours of yesterday morning, destroying 31 vehicles and leading to a block of flats being evacuated. Palma fire service sources said the blaze started at 00.20 when one of the vehicles caught fire and, because it appears the car park lacked the necessary fire precautions, flames spread quickly, destroying 30 other cars, a jet ski, various items and gas canisters used for cutting metal, as well as the water sprinkler system. Fourteen fire fighters from central Palma and Playa de Palma fire stations, wearing special protective suits and using breathing apparatus because of the intense heat in the car park, battled the blaze. Residents in the block were allowed to start returning to their homes at 3.30, over three hours after the fire was reported. Those living on the ground floor were not allowed to return until 11am because of structural damage.