“THE British government will just have to listen. The peace march through London on Saturday was a fantastic success and the government will just have to take note,” said the founder of the Body Shop chain, Anita Roddick, OBE, in Majorca yesterday. “This war is totally immoral and it's a war solely about commodities. It is disgraceful,” the UK Government's ambassador for British business and the founder and co-chair of The Body Shop said. In Majorca, invited by the Inca-based Camper shoe company, she said that Tony Blair was a moral man and said that it was probably best, as long as he listened to the people, for him to remain Prime Minister because there was no-one else. “Iain Duncan Smith, (the Conservative Party leader) is not an option and Charles Kennedy (the Liberal Democrat leader) is not ready yet,” she said.
Roddick said that the London march had attracted people from all walks of life and was a true demonstration of the wishes of the people. She has come to Majorca to spread the Body Shop philosophy of eco-friendly company management and she will be giving a lecture tomorrow evening at 8 at the Centre Flassaders in the old part of Palma. Yesterday, she was in Alaro with directors from the Camper shoe company.