Staff reporter

PERE Muñoz, the councillor elect representing the Majorcan Socialist Party in Palma City Hall, yesterday declared that he, as much as his fellow PSM councillor, Maria Costa, face the new legislature with “a will to reach the best possible agreement” with the governing Partido Popular. Muñoz said that his group would adopt a “positive attitude”, always assuming that the initiatives promoted by those in power were “beneficial for the people”. In this sense, he considered that it “wouldn't be a good idea” to simply join forces with other opposition parties and ”negatively block” the policies of those in power in order to achieve “electoral popularity”. He promised to “work constructively”. The future councillor signalled that his party would put forward a petition to those in power in the City Hall for the setting up of “Neighbourhood Assemblies” to allow individual citizen participation in local government, thereby decentralising municipal control. Muñoz also demanded a “push forward” so that the city might have an “outstanding lead” as the Community's capital.
He asked for investments in run-down areas and emphasized that those in power should work “conscientiously to serve the people”. The councillor elect added that it should be a priority of the Partido Popular government team to improve standards of cleanliness and security, to create new infrastructure and see to the basic needs of the most underprivileged sections of society. “We would hope that many things will be approved unanimously”, stressed Muñoz, who however considered that the Partido Popular's proposal to divert traffic underground in the Paseo Marítimo “is a bluff” that won't see its start date in the next legislature. He pointed out that in any event, it's not “a priority for the city”. He recognised that there were very few similarities in the manifestos of the Majorcan Socialist Party and the Partido Popular at the last election but he specifically noted that the new leader in the capital city's council, Catalina Cirer, had been in favour of developing proposals put forward by the nationalists “on the issue of taxis”.