by Staff Reporter
THE unseasonal weather took holidaymakers by surprise for the second day running yesterday, and beaches were deserted as tourists huddled under awnings or decided to spend the day shopping, just to be indoors.

And they were even more disconcerted to find that Britain was basking in temperatures more usually associated with the Mediterranean, 31ºC.
After what proved to be the coldest May since 1985, Majorca seemed all set to welcome the summer, as June temperatures started to soar.
But all that ended abruptly on Monday with a sudden drop in temperatures of 7ºC.
Balearic weatherman Agustí Llansà described it as an “important” drop in temperatures which plummetted from 22-24 to 16-17ºC. and although they rose slightly during the day, they were still considered low for June.

The trend was repeated yesterday, with more rain and cold spells, and the forecast for today is that the risk of storms will continue, and there will be no change in temperatures.

Jansà said that the average temperatures in May had been between 1 and 1.5ºC lower than average, and the rainfall was much heavier than usual, with the weather station at Palma-Porto Pi recording 54 litres per square metre, 32 more than average. In Lluc, in the mountains in Escorca, the difference was even more remarkable: at 166 litres per square metre, it was 113 more than the average.

The heaviest rainfall in Majorca over the past two days has been in Alfabia, where it was 17 litres per square metre on Monday, followed by Lluc with 9.5 litres.

In Ibiza, the heaviest rainfall was in Santa Eulalia, 14 litres per square metre, also on Monday.