THE Balearics is currently the most popular destination in Spain for foreign visitors and this weekend, Palma's Son San Joan airport is preparing to handle a record number of passengers. Now that schools have broken up for the summer in Britain, the expected surge in bookings appears to have transpired and this weekend, Palma airport will handle some 334.000 passengers, 4'5 percent more than on the same weekend in July last year. According to Spanish airport and air traffic control sources, passengers and air traffic will reach their peak tomorrow.
The airport will handle 143.000 passengers and nearly 1'000 take-offs and landings.
Sunday is also going to be unusually busy with 112.000 passengers and air traffic controllers expecting to handle 770 flight movements.
Today will be the lull before the storm.

78 '000 passengers are expected along with 635 flight movements.
In total, AENA said yesterday that 2.347 aircraft will use Palma airport this weekend, 2'5 percent more than last year.
Looking ahead to the next week, the airport is preparing for a hectic seven-day period.
612.700 passengers will be either arriving or leaving via Palma airport over the next week, 7'5 per cent more than the same week last year.
Palma airport bosses are taking on extra information, cleaning and baggage handling staff with bars and restaurants stocking up with extra supplies in order to meet demand, especially if temperatures remain high.