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A pioneering new programme in Spain to fight drug addiction will be launched in Palma this week by Proyecto Hombre, whose programmes in helping addicts have proved to be very successful.

It is a family programme and taking part are nine heads of family who are under treatment, their partners and children.
The Balearic University is involved in the project and Carmen Orte, who teaches education sciences there, has headed a team of eight people who for the past 18 months have been adapting the programme for families developed by Utah University professor Kumpfer.

Kumpfer was in Palma yesterday for the presentation of the project.
She will train 25 Proyecto Hombre monitors to run the programme in the Balearics. It will later be extended to Alicante, Seville and Cordoba.
Orte said that the programme in the Balearics will be aimed exclusively at addicts under treatment with children aged between eight and 12, “the period in which the influence of the family begins to wane.” The treatment will last 14 consecutive weeks, and this first experience is confined to nine men, eight with a partner and one without, while one of the families has two children and the others one.

Cristina Fernandez, Proyecto Hombre spokeswoman, said that the reason why all the candidates were men is because there is a preponderance of men receiving treatment from the organisation. Forty per cent of them have children.


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