THE Balearic Nautical Business Association yesterday complained about the lack of promotion the sector was given at the FITUR trade fair.
In an official statement issued by the small business association PIMEM, the government was accused of having little interest in the well being and future of the local yachting industry “despite the fact it attracts and caters for quality tourists who invest heavily in the island.” “The nautical sector attracts affluent clients and is a vital part of the local economy with money also spent in hotels, restaurants, shops and the entertainment sector,” the president of the Association Margarita Dahlberg said in the statement.

She also underlined that the sector has spent years calling for more help and attention from the authorities and also pointed out that, prior to the local elections last May, the present Minister for Tourism, Joan Flaquer, made it clear that the PP was keen to help promote the nautical sector at trade fairs as part of the overall promotion of the Balearics.

The president said that she and her association members expect the government and tourism department to resolve the issue in time for the next major travel trade fair the Balearics attends.

The nautical sector had a tough battle with the previous left wing local government and has hoped that the PP would be more understanding to their needs. The previous government put a freeze on marina expansion and generally took the view that the nautical industry posed a threat to the environment. The nautical industry hopes that a change in government would have led to a change in fortunes.