l THE anti dual-carriageway lobby, Autovía No, has organised a “March against the highway” to take place between this coming Friday and Sunday in order to protest against the roadway development plans announced by the Council of Majorca and the Balearic government, in the form of a demonstration that will sweep through Petra, Ariany, María de la Salut and Inca.

The protest will begin on Friday at 7pm from the train station at Manacor and will finish on Sunday at 6.30pm in the Plaza de España in Inca. The demonstrators will call on all Majorcan society to join their quest to halt the building of the planned dual carriageway so that future generations will still be able to enjoy the beauty of the Plain of Majorca.


l THE mayor of Manacor, Antoni Pastor, announced that he was meeting with union representatives of the artificial pearl company Majorica, to ask for information on how the situation with management and workers currently stands and to clarify what the Town Council could bring to bear to “save the situation”. Majorica has been through tempestuous times recently, amidst change of ownership and uncertainty about job security for the staff. Regional Employment minister, Guillermo de Olives, described the situation as “worrying” and specified that members of the Balearic government were maintaining contacts with unions and management to “analyse” the situation.


l FOLLOWING an agreement signed at the International Tourism Trade Fair in Madrid between the Tourist department of Calvia Town Council and a Russian tour operator, Natalie Tours (Magaluf), around 300 Russian travel agents will be holding their annual congress in Calvia this coming March.

The congress, which will last three days, will allow the agents to get to know the district and more about the Chess Olympics which are due to be held in Calvia in October this year.

Another agreement secured by Calvia Town Council in Madrid is a visit this coming summer by 2'000 high-powered Dutch tourists who will be vacationing at the Mardvall and Punta Negra hotels.


l THE commercial area of the Port of Alcudia is to bring a new passenger ferry terminal into operation before the end of the term of office of the present regional government. The move will bring added impetus to the shipping lines that currently service Alcudia, Mahon, Ciudadella and Barcelona.

Joan Verger, head of the Ports Authority was given this commitment yesterday when he signed an agreement with the local Town Council for the enlargement of the present esplanade area by 27'122 square metres. The ratification has brought to an end years of wrangling between the two institutions.

The enlargement of the port area will also include a general upgrading of the area. A waterside walkway will be built connecting the commercial section with the tourist port, meaning that neither area remains isolated.


l THE Es Turó recreation centre in Llubi is to be reformed and upgraded thanks to a Town Council subsidy.
According to the mayor, Tomàs Campaner of the Popular Party, “organisers of the recreation centre asked the Council for help in improving the rundown state of the centre, given that the poor conditions could prove dangerous for the 85 children who use the premises as an activity centre.” Campaner explained that although the property is owned by the local Parish, “we decided to award a subsidy of 1'800 euros so that the most urgent repairs can be undertaken to avoid the risk of injury”.


l THE Popular Party in Alaro Town Council have asked the ruling government team made up of a coalition of the Socialist Workers Party (PSOE) and Union Majorca (UM) that they keep a closer eye on the movements of the processionary caterpillars that inhabit the pine trees at the local college. Over the last few days, school management has confirmed that there have been two cases of students who have had nasty skin reactions as a result of contact with the insects.

The Popular Party condemned the fact that the Town Council hasn't taken the preventive measures recommended by the Balearic government for getting rid of the caterpillars, while the mayor's deputy, Antoni Rebassa of Union Majorca, gave assurances that all the necessary precautions have been taken.