Cala Rajada

Plans to increase the size of the marina by between 90 and 120 moorings and to extend the main breakwater by 120 metres has split the local community in Cala Rajada. Fishermen against the project staged a protest in front of the yacht club last week and on Tuesday night, representatives met yacht club directors to push home their outright opposition to the marina expansion project. The local fishing community has asked that an area in the bay be set aside as a marine reserve which would restrict recreational craft while helping to replenish local fish stocks. However, spokesperson for the local fleet, Bernat Marti, said yesterday that expanding the marina contradicts the marine reserve plans, “it will only damage our livelihoods” he said. There are also serious concerns about the environmental impact the project will have. Apparently, extending the main breakwater by 120 metres will redirect the local current and prevent yachts from mooring up on the bay. Fishermen are also angry because a large part of the quay used by them, will be swallowed up by the marina project and become part of the yacht club. This week the yacht club will present the plans to Capdepera council to see what the local councillors think of the project. Fishermen are planning a massive protest outside the town hall.


Alcudia Council said yesterday that the pine forest area surrounding the swimming pool at the GESA plant is to be renovated and turned into a play area for children. The pool area is one of the plots which the Port Authority has handed over to the council for the next 25 years in exchange for permission to expand the ferry terminal. Until now, the council has only been able to allow public access to the pool for three months of the year during the summer, with the pool being mostly used for swimming lessons. The council plans to build a skate park and new children's play area on the site.