Local TV station modelled on the BBC

THE Balearic government is busy setting-up a state run local television station which will broadcast for 18 hours a day and have a staff of almost 100. It is a major project but it will mean that the Balearics will follow many of the other bigger Spanish provinces in having its own TV channel. President Jaume Matas, has said that he wants Balearic TV to be modelled on the lines of the BBC. I must point out in the interest of fairness that he made this statement before the Hutton report. Keeping a close eye on the new station is the Governing Council of Spanish state television and radio in the Balearics. They are the guardians of state TV here and it now appears that they will have a new role in the new channel. This committee is formed from representatives of all the major parties. But of course there is already some controversy over Balearic TV with some municipalities wanting to have their own programmes and local news reports. One of the municipalities is Calvia. I must admit local TV is good news but as in the case of the BBC the channel must remain independent and have necessary guidelines in place.

What a beautiful sight

EVEN though I have lived in Majorca for many years I still can't help finding the Majorcan countryside especially beautiful at this time of the year.
The almond blossom on the trees and the greenness of the landscape certainly underlines the point that there is far more to Majorca than just the sun and the beach. I just hope that the government will ensure that Majorca's ever decreasing green zones are protected. Keep Majorca green, it is all part of its beauty.


A section I always read in our stablemate, Ultima Hora is their “Applause and Stick” column. Ultima Hora gave their big stick to the unofficial parking attendants who are at “work” across Palma. They have no official role, but for some unknown reason they are allowed to operate. Our Spanish stablemate was saying that drivers are in some ways blackmailed into giving them money because if you refuse they might damage your car. Naturally, this is not a new system; “mind your car, Governor” has been around in the UK for many years. But be warned.

Paseo Maritimo racetrack

DID you know that Palma has its very own racetrack modelled on Le Mans and every Sunday morning there is a race along the sea-front. No chequered flag but equally dangerous. Along the Paseo Maritimo there is a cycle track which has now been taken over by roller-bladers as well. There should be a speed limit because the number of times I have watched in horror as a roller blader has literally skirted by a pedestrian or cyclist at speed. There is a speed limit along the Paseo Maritimo perhaps it is time that there was one for the cycle track also.

A final moan

PALMA airport has been severely disrupted over recent days by fog, surely in this day and image a way could be found to overcome this problem. We are planning to put man on Mars but still we can't deal with a bit of fog. Air travellers are brought down to earth again.