Lottery millions

I'M not generally a big lottery fan. My annual investment usually consists of a single ticket for El Gordo, the big Christmas draw. However, the new Euro Millones draw has rather got my imagination going. It is probably the 50 million pound prize money! The first draw takes place this Friday in Paris at 9.30p.m. This new draw has been organised in three countries, France, Spain and Britain and tickets are available in all lottery shops in Majorca. I bought my ticket yesterday, so fingers crossed. You have to choose the five correct numbers out of a table of 50 and a further two numbers from a table of nine. Be interesting to see if it proves a success. It's amazing how quickly it has been organised...Europe may not be able to agree on many things but when it comes to making money that is a different matter.

How mean!

I am a firm believer in the free market but I must say there are limits. According to a report in yesterday's Bulletin florists intend to raise their prices to cash in on Valentine's Day this weekend. How mean can you get! Love is in the air but you have to pay more for it. Who says love is free!

I'm a celebrity

WELL along with the rest of Britain I tuned into the final of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here on Monday night. I can't really understand the attraction of this programme but in the interest of keeping up to date I thought it was best that I should endure its final moments. Congratulations to the winner whoever she may be (!). But I must say that one of my American colleagues said to me yesterday “I think Kerry is going to win and I replied “No, she won last night.” He was of course referring to the U.S. election candidate and not the former Atomic Kitten singer and winner of the programme. Poles apart!

Lucky for us

I tell you it is lucky that Majorca doesn't attract more American tourists. Can you imagine the shock and horror if they visited Es Trenc beach and saw all those topless women. Majorca's law courts would be full of people taking out legal action like the American woman who has launched a major lawsuit after Janet Jackson “let it all hang out.”

Cat mail

IS there no end to the amount of junk mail you get through the post? At work I am bombarded with emails from across the globe asking if I would like to enhance my body and at home even the cat gets mail. I went to the post box the other day and found a letter from the vet addressed to the cat informing of some new medical insurance plan. After a lengthy discussion in which we discussed all the points in the letter the cat and I have decided not to take the vet up on her offer. I hope she doesn't expect to get a written reply.

Can you help

AND continuing with the cat theme but on rather a sadder note. If anyone has seen the cat, pictured, which disappeared in San Agustin/Cala Nova yacht area on February 1 can you please contact 971403424, or 971 703419 or mobile 676 376531.

Airport madness

ANYONE who agrees with expanding Palma airport should pay it a visit at the moment. The word “ghost town” rather sums it up. Surely some other use could be found for the literally acres of space which is unused during the winter months. The local authorities are investing millions of euros in building a convention centre by the GESA building in Palma, meanwhile a few kilometres away there is plenty of space in a modern building completely unused.

Talk of expanding the airport is just ridiculous. I know that forward planning is needed in the aviation industry but this is taking it a step too far. I would say that what is needed is a full review and investigation on how the empty space could be better used.