By Humphrey Carter THE parents of a 22-year-old Majorcan have asked Interpol to help in the search for their son who has been missing for over two months in the Amazon. Teacher Marc Javier Beltra Olives, who has been studying in Paris, had recently been offered a post at the Javerian University in Bogota, according to his father, who lives in Palma. His son set off last November in order to visit the Amazon and other parts of South America before starting his new job on December 15. “He's always been very adventurous,” Juan Ramon said yesterday. It appears that Marc planned to visit a number of villages near the Colombian border and his father has come across an internet page which claims that Marc has been kidnapped by Colombian guerillas. His father finds it hard to believe, “no one's been in contact with us about ransom money,” he said. According to the police, Marc left Bogota on November 30 and apparently passed through a police check point in the Leticia region on January 2. However, Juan Ramon said that the police have no official document to show he passed through any checkpoints in January. The Spanish Embassy in Bogota, Interpol and Palma National Police have been working on the case now for the past few weeks with help from the Peruvian and Brazilian authorities, in case he has strayed over the border into either of these countries. Marc's parents have turned to the press in order to give their son's disappearance as much publicity as possible. He did not head into the Amazon with a credit card, he apparently left it with a friend along with most of his personal items. But while his son was an adventurer, his father said yesterday that he was always very responsible, “this is why we're deeply concerned, he always tells us where he's going. Marc's mother lives in Paris and is also in touch with the French authorities. Her plight has been published by the newspaper Le Monde and has been given a lot of coverage on the television. “Perhaps he's had an accident or been taken ill,” said his father ”maybe he's holed up, being treated in some remote mountain village, we just want to know what's happened.” he added.