THE village of Capdepera will host the Sixth March for the Train. The March was started in 1998 to bring pressure to bear on the government to restore the train service in the east of the island. The date is March 28 and it will start in Manacor, ending in Capdepera with lunch and a party. Various events will be organised beforehand. They will include an exhibition of photographs by Tarek Serraj, who has called for a “human train” to be formed in Manacor on March 7, to complete his collection of photographs.


THE Majórica pearl shop employees staged a demo yesterday, callling for the wages to be updated and also demanding an end to the crisis which has been affecting the pearl factory for the past two years. A union spokesman said that a wage agreement was signed last September but the management has failed to honour it, and the workers are now owed 24'000 euros. He added that they were tired of the situation and were only calling for what they were entitled to. Further talks are due to be held today. The management is currently trying to cut jobs in both its shops and its factory.


THE Balearic minister of public works and housing, Mabel Cabrer, and Mayor of Sa Pobla Antoni Serra, signed an agreement yesterday under whichthe council will cede a plot of land to the Balearic housing institute IBAVI, for the construction of four subsidised flats. The land is in Calle Escola. In compensation, the council will receive the ground floor premises, which will be used for the court house and a social welfare office, the Mayor said. Serra praised the speed with which the agreement had been settled. “It was verbally agreed in December and signed in six weeks,” he said yesterday. He added that the council would continue to support IBAVI's housing policy.


THE Council of Majorca will offer the contract for improvements to the safety at the Paguera tunnel next month. The tunnel, at 833 metres, is the second longest on Majorca, after that of Soller. The Council will spend 1.5 million euros on providing security measures. They include panels at each end of the tunnel, to provide information on traffic, cameras connected to a control centre in Palma, and automatic gates which will allow the tunnel to be closed immediately in case of accident, or when dangerous cargoes are being transported. The tunnel will also have a telephone to give warning in case of emergency. Gonzalo Aguiar, head of the Council of Majorca's roads department, said that the tunnel was not particularlly dangerous, but it was necessary to increase security measures. “It is particularly important to control dangerous cargoes.” The Council also plans to provide lighting for the Monnàber tunnel in the Serra deTramuntana mountains, to improve safety.


THE Local Police will increase traffic patrols in parts of Sa Cabaneta. Mayor Miquel Bestard said it was necessary to dissuade drivers from travveling through the area at more than 30kph. The police will also be asked to provide a report on the worst areas. The council also plans to have talks with residents and traders, to find the best solution for the majority. Many residents feel that the changes introduced recently by the council have made the traffic situation worse, which is one of the reasons why the Mayor wishes to reach an agreement. The changes included altering the direction of the flow of traffic in some streets, which only added to the confusion. The Council of Majorca is due to hand over responsibility of Camí de n'Oleza to the council shortly, and the Mayor said that this should make it easier to find a solution to the problem.