THE community war against graffiti in Bendinat is gaining momentum, although Calvia Council has yet to officially announce how it intends to help its angry rate-payers.

The campaign, led by local British businessman and resident Malcolm Andrews and supported by many members of the local community, including Peter Stringfellow, has been raging for two months now, but still Andrews this week had to take it upon himself to write to the two local schools, to draw the directors' attention to the graffiti problem and ask for their help in bringing an end to the wave of vandalism sweeping the area. Andrews has also sent copies to Calvia Council, which has already been contacted on a number of occasions, the Guardia Civil and the Local Police. Campaigners are asking the local police forces to make officers on the beat more aware of the problem and keep an eye out for the vandals. Andrews has asked the local school principals to send a tough message out to pupils, stressing that vandalism “is against the law, destroys the island, indirectly damages the local economy and the culprits run the risk of problems with the law.” Andrews also asked the schools to help “protect and preserve this beautiful island.”