Statue restored

The figure of the Virgin of Lluc Pilgrims which is cared for by the nuns of Campanet in the Son Fe houses in Alcudia, has been painstakingly restored.

Craftsman Pancraç Piña, a resident of Portol, has been responsible for returning the splendour of a bygone era to the statue's crown. He has also managed to restore the Virgin's broken finger, hiding the join with a jewelled ring.

Various specialists have collaborated in the restoration process, amongst them a sculptor, a smelter, a jeweller, a mounter, a silversmith and a galvanizer.

The figure of the Virgin of Lluc Pilgrims is a work dating from the 19th century, an exact copy of the original Virgin of Lluc which is revered in the monastery.

According to the nuns of Campanet, the figure toured Majorca in 1948 and still on very special occasions, is taken out of its “home” in the casas of Son Fe.

The image is made from wood of the jujube tree and wears a hand-crafted crown.
Hoteliers demands

It is the same story as last year: a plan to upgrade tourist hotels with landscaped gardens, lighting, a general clean-up and an improved seafront panorama. These were more or less the demands made by East coast hoteliers in the district of Felanitx of regional Tourism minister, Joan Flaquer when he made a visit at the beginning of this week to Cala Ferrera and Cala Marçal.

The purpose of the minister's trip was to assess the results of this year's tourist season, and to get to know at first hand, what leaders in the industry are calling for. Hoteliers were insisting on improved infrastructure.

Mayor of Felanitx, Catalina Soler, presented to Joan Flaquer an infrastructure improvement project which would cost an estimated 2 million euros. The minister viewed the scheme very positively, saying the Balearic government would examine the project, assessing whether or not it could be financed with funds allocated to creating all-year-round tourism.

Television signal

Son Servera Town Council is shortly planning to improve the current installations of the central signal booster station to achieve better quality television reception in the municipality. A study of the centre at Puig Assegut has been commissioned. It is from this point that television signals are captured for their rerouting to the municipal terminus.

The chief motive of the study is to address the problem of insufficient reception and poor coverage of the channels which residents can see on their TV sets at home. Investigation shows that the signals emitted from the Alfabia centre are obstructed by the Puig (hill) de sa Font, directly affecting reception quality. Puig de Son Corb is yet another signal block.

Remedial steps would include the installation of a new reception centre and another booster station to improve viewing quality. Puig de sa Font and Puig de Son Croo will be the new signal capture centre and booster station respectively.

Cyber space

The Youth Department at Calvia Town Council has set up free “cyber space” facilities for young people in the district, to enable them to become familiar with up-to-date technology, including free use of the Internet. This centre, which is open every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon, and every Saturday morning, targets the 14 to 30 age group.

Tourist day

This coming Friday, Cala Millor will be hosting special celebrations in recognition of their “Tourist Day”. Fire crackers announcing the beginning of the festivities at the very acceptable hour of 10.30am. At 10.35am, drummers and cornetists will march from Sa Maniga to the harbur of Cala Bona. Open air concerts will take place at 8.30pm in Cala Bona, live music from Cocktail; Red cross Square, with the group Voltors; Parc de la Mar with Champagne. A firework display in front of the Hotel Talayot will close the event at 10.30pm.