“Save our cinema”

It's not the local “flicks” of a Sicilian town, nor can it be referred to as “Paradise”, but it is a situation which is akin to the story that Giuseppe Tornatore brought to the movie screen about a group of local people banding together to save their local cinema.

Neighbours in Son Servera have launched a campaign to save the Union cinema which has been closed to the public since 1974. The Town Hall “is sitting on” a refurbishment programme which will cost 1'400'000 euros.

Some 120 local residents enjoyed “Cinema Paradiso” in a make-shift cinema set up infront of the “Union” yesterday evening, whilst signatures were collected to lobby support for the cinema building which dates from 1927.

Ministry investigates

The significant fall in the catches of raor (cleaver wrasse) in Majorcan waters has prompted the regional ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries to open an investigation into why numbers caught have been so much lower this year.

Since the seasonal fishing ban was lifted in the middle of August, fishermen who have gone to sea to hunt this much-sought-after species, have often returned empty-handed or with a minimal catch. In contrast, the raor were shoaling in great numbers last year when more than 700 boats went to sea and returned with 15'000 fish.

Director general of the Fisheries department, Miquel Angel Calviño said that “we have to take into account the spawning season may be early or late, and that there was an excess of fishing last year.

Underground study

In response to a motion put forward by the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) at an Inca Town Council meeting earlier this week, it has been agreed to approach Majorcan Railways (SFM) for a feasibility study on running a section of the track underground through Inca's built-up area.

Although the motion was approved, mayor's deputy, Bartomeu Segui, said the request didn't have sufficient justification. He explained that according to estimates, to run the track underground would cost the exorbitant sum of approximately 100 million euros. Segui, however, went on to defend current plans to run the level crossing underground at Crist Rei.

Wharf users satisfied

Boat proprietors using the Mollet de s'Oberta have voiced their satisfaction with the central government Environment ministry decision not to dismantle the jetty and to hand management of the moorings over to the Balearic regional administration.

Pedro Arrom, speaking on behalf of the Mollet users following a meeting with regional Environment minister Jaume Font, praised the move made by the Balearic government in terms of defending the continuing use of the jetty, and trusted that the central government minister would keep to the verbal agreement reached with Font of handing over management of the Mollet to regional authorities.

Wine festival supper

As part of the annual wine festival, the three-day harvest fair, which ends today, included a well-attended open air supper. The town council called on residents to invite friends and relatives to set out chairs and tables in the streets and dine outdoors instead of inside, which the weather permitted. The streets were decorated with potted plants and flags and banners were draped over the balconies. In return, the streets were closed to traffic and free wine was provided where arranged in advance.


Some 20 Civil Defence volunteers are to give the beach at Ses Illetes in Calvia a general clean-up this morning. Starting at 10.30am, the movement forms part of the Civil Defence summer campaign to clear polluted sea beds and coastal areas.