Staff Reporter THE tourist sector in Majorca wants to see a high priority given to the promotion of the Island's attractions, distinct from those in the rest of the Balearics. The industry is also urging improved promotional coordination between the public and private sectors.

These guidelines formed part of a Management Strategy and Tourist Promotion programme for Majorca, presented yesterday at the School for Hostelry, an occasion attended by Joan Flaquer who confirmed government support for the tourist sector's demands.

Director of the study, Antonio Munar, explained that the scheme has been produced by a team of 28 people linked to the tourist section on Majorca. The work establishes 10 priorities for promotion projects which are having to be launched within an increasingly chaotic framework.

In his address, Munar emphasised the need to set up a public relations “think-tank” in Germany and the United Kingdom to generate an improved qualitative image of Majorca for these two key client markets which, he claimed, go to make up 70 percent of the number of tourists visiting the Island each year.

During his speech, Munar said that residential tourism (with people owning homes on Majorca and visiting the Island for several months of the year) “is inevitable” and prophesied that in the future, Majorca will be subject to increased pressure for home-building development.

Amongst other guidelines, the recommendations made by the tourist sector call for incentives to introduce new attractions and professional training. Such norms should include the “the highest possible value” to be placed on hygiene, health, security and the Environment.

Munar also spoke strongly of the need to convert communication into “a comparative advantage” and to improve the design of the Internet page which is used to promote the Islands.