H.C MALLORCA Cricket Club is hoping to hold a charity match on Saturday, January 22 to raise money for the disaster fund in Sri Lanka. The club chairman, Paul Heaton and two of the side's popular Sri Lankan players and Majorca residents, Shafeek and his brother-in-law Yazeen Mohammed are currently in Sri Lanka. They were in the country when the tsunamis hit but they luckily avoided the disaster as they were at a wedding away from the disaster area.

Tragically, Shafeek who has recently started work on building a beach-side house for his family, and Yazeen have lost a number of family members.
Here in Majorca, Malcolm Leggett is trying to organise the charity match with funds being handed directly over to Shafeek in Sri Lanka so the cash aid will be going straight to the heart of the disaster.

Another former Mallorca Cricket Club member who has since returned to England and opened a pub has also raised money for Sri Lanka and that will also be going straight to Shafeek.

Leggett spoke to all three a few days ago and they are fine, but the Mohammeds suffered a great shock when they returned home after the wedding inland.
Paul Heaton and his wife Linda are going to stay out in Sri Lanka to help the clean up and emergency operation. “He's a builder and a grafter with a big heart, he'd do anything to help anyone and Linda's very much the same,” Leggett said yesterday. “Both Shafeek and Yazeen, who helped Mallorca CC win the Balearic Cup last season, are very traumatised,” he added. “Shafeek was planning on spending six months here and six months in the family's beach front villa...it's a tragedy, they live in one of the worst hit areas of the country. “We want to do all we can to help as many people over there and through Shafeek we can plough money raised straight into the disaster area,” he said. “We hope that as many people as possible will come, all money taken at the bar and on teas will go to Sri Lanka and we will be accepting donations from spectators and players.”