Door to door

THE town council will introduce door to door collection of organic waste from next April. Every home, bar, restaurant, etc, will have a special brown container for the organic waste and a specialised firm has been contracted to provide the service. Mayor Joan Sastre said that the idea is to collect the rubbish three times a week, because it cannot be kept for long. The campaign is subsidised by the Council of Majorca, which will pay for the containers, and Porreras is one of the first municipalities in which it will be applied. He addeed that this type of collection works very well in Catalonia and there is no reason why it should not work in Porreras. He also said that in the future, it was hoped that there could be door to door collection for other types of rubbish such as glass, paper, cardboard and plastics, although this would not occur in the near future.


THE Balearic Sanitation Institute (Ibasan) will channel sewage from Moscari to the sewage farm at Selva at a cost of 623'208 euros. Mayor of Moscari, Joan Rotger, said that it was a major work but was badly needed as at present a cesspit was used. He added that the work was needed to cope with an expected increase in population, under new planning regulations which will allow the population to rise from 500 to 849 persons. The sewage farm at Selva can handle 600 cubic metres a day, although currently it is absorbing just half that. Improvements are also planned for Santanyi and Santa Margalida.

Catalan course

A new course of Catalan for foreigners has been organised by the town council. It is aimed at people living in Inca and the surrounding area. The closing date for inscriptions is January 21 at the Sant Domingo cultural centre. The last course organised in Inca, which has a large immigrant population, was a huge success.

Modern pitch

RESIDENTS of Son Servera will have the use of a modern new soccer pitch from the month of April. The reform of the existing installations and the construction of a social club will start next week. The new soccer ground will have artificial grass, covered stands, a cafe and other services. The cost of work will be in the region of 1.1 million euros.

Beach plea

THE Capdepera town council will ask the central ministry of the environment to carry out an immediate evaluation of the damage to the beaches in the municipality caused by the last storm, and to regenerate them before the tourist season starts. The worst hit beach was Cala Agulla, which has been virtually left without sand, Mayor Joan Ferrer said.