THE Ibizan tourist industry and the Council of Ibiza yesterday expressed its indignation over a BBC Wales documentary which is to be shown this evening.

In the documentary, the island's drug trade is apparently described as being out of control and the authorities accused of trying to cover it up.
Spokesperson for the Cala Bou Tourist Association, Chris Langley, warned that the documentary could have a damaging effect on the island when 60 percent of Britons already opt against holidaying in Ibiza because of its “bad image.” He called on the island authorities yesterday to put more effort into stamping out drugs “which is causing problems not only on the island but also providing material for documentaries of this type.” Ibiza Councillor for Tourism, Josep Torres, has made an official complaint to the British Tourist Board and the Embassy in Madrid asking them to express the island's outrage and anger to the BCC and that steps are taken “to help improve the island's image.” Tonight's documentary is called “Drugland Ibiza” and features an interview with the central government delegate José Manuel Bar.
But none of the political parties expected the documentary to present the island as a drug paradise.
Torres said yesterday that 60 percent of the 2.2 million tourists who visit the island every year are families and said the documentary “does not show Ibiza in a true light.”