By Humphrey Carter THERE will literally be little to no room left to build in Alcudia by the end of next year with three, possibly four, new four star hotels being built in the resort.

Alcudia council is poised to grant permission for the three projects, which have been on hold since 1999, to go ahead creating 1.200 extra hotel beds in the sea-side resort which can already accommodate over 26'000 holidaymakers.

All three plots are at the foot of Victoria hill which overlooks Alcudia and the council's move has attracted stiff criticism from local PP opposition councillors.

However, in accordance with the Council of Majorca planning laws, providing the area around the base of the mountain is preserved and protected, the hotel projects can go ahead.

Nevertheless, the Majorcan Union party Mayor, Miguel Ferrer, has been accused of reneging on the councils's decision in 1999 to put the brakes on further tourism development in the area.

However, back in 1999, the number of hotel development plots was reduced from 100 to four - including the three projects set to be given the go ahead and they may well be followed by the fourth.

One of the hotels is to be built on Avenida Tucan which runs from the Magic Centre roundabout in the direction of Mount Victoria. The other two four star developments will be built on the banks of the smaller of Alcudia's lakes and all will include a wide variety of facilities and services and be surrounded by public parks.

Alcudia Council maintains that none of the four hotels are either going to be built on prime front-line locations or in important environmental areas.
A council spokesperson said “building the hotels will help to regenerate and revive the areas they are going up in and provide new public services.” Since the Council of Majorca building freeze was lifted, there has been a frenzy of building work in Alcudia.
The old Es Clot commercial centre in Alcudia is being converted into apartments and there has been a mini-boom in residential housing.