Popular event

HUNDREDS of people took part in the Bike Day in Son Servera on Sunday, many of them children showing off the bikes they had received from the Three Kings on Wednesday night. Organised by the town council, the event was designed to promote family sports. The cyclists set off from the Plaza de Sant Joan and rode to Cala Millor beach, approximately eight kilometres away. Those taking part included members of the newly formed Cala Millor cycling club, whose secretary Raul Cardos said that one of their aims was to set up a cycling school to promote the sport and teach the highway code. It will be aimed at people aged ten to 18 and will have the full support of the town council. The ride took about one and a half hours and ended with a barbecue at the municipal sports stadium. The cycle ride was first organised last year, and proved to be so popular that the council decided to make it an annual event.

Illegal races

THE environmental group GADMA (the initials stand for Group of Friends for the Defence of the Environment) have complained about cross country motorcycle races being organised in torrentes or water courses in the centre of Majorca, in areas such as Sencelles. The races, which often involve trial bikes or quads, take place at the weekends. The environment ministry and the Guardia Civil have been asked to take steps to prevent this, as most torrentes are protected areas.

No to housing

A group of young people in S'Arraco have set up a committee to prevent the construction of 30 new homes in the area. A spokesman said “we do not want the area to become another Camp de Mar or for the same mistakes committed in Sant Elm to be repeated.” He added that the construction of 30 homes would mean a 20 per cent increase in the population. He went on to say that the construction of the roundabout at the entrance to S'Arraco and the widening of the road changed “the natural geography of the area” and the construction of the houses would be “an attack on the image and idiosyncracy of the town.” Vandals at work

Photo: Michels
THE Guardia Civil and Local Police of Calvia are investigating the vandalism of phone booths in Santa Ponsa. More than 11 phone booths have been put out of action. The vandals have pulled out the phones, cut cables, broken glass or painted graffiti. Neighbours have complained that in a case of emergency, there are now hardly any public phone booths which can be used. The police do not know if the vandalism is the work of one gang or if several people acting individually are involved.

More police

THE Local Police of Ses Salines are to move their headquarters to the coastal resort of Colonia de Sant Jordi, which will have ten officers on duty, while Ses Salines will have only four. A council spokesman said that this was logical because most of the problems occurred in Colonia, which had a population of about 15'000 people during the high season. Colonia has now gained administrative independence from Ses Salines and is considered a district with its own representatives.