By Humphrey Carter THE Cala d'Or mystery death of 26-year-old Veronika Kovaloska appears to have been solved - she did not fall to her death but apparently died from a severe blow to the head.

Initially it was suspeceted that the Slovakian fell to her death from the balcony of the second-floor flat she shared with her boyfriend and a another Slovakian lodger.

However, police had their suspicions because her injuries did not correspond to a seven metre fall - there were no signs of any bone fractures for example. Yesterday the autopsy results appear to have answered their questions.

However, neither the weapon which caused the scratches and wounds found on her wrists has been found nor has the blunt object used to club her in the head.

Therefore, based on the autopsy results, sources close to the investigation claim Kovaloska's death was homicide.
However, it remains to be confirmed whether Kovaloska fell from the balcony or not after receiving the fatal blow to the head.
According to the boyfriend, who remains in police custody, and in the wake of yesterday's autopsy results will be questioned again, he was woken by an angry Veronika in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Pedro Antonio said in his first statement that she woke him up screaming and shouting. They started arguing and she punched him on the nose and then ran out on to the balcony before throwing herself off.

However, one neighbour remembers hearing voices and someone rushing up and down the stairs. Sources close to the investigation suspect that, as the argument got out of hand, she may have run down stairs, chased by her 29-year-old boyfriend, and fatally hit outside the apartment block.

The scene of her death happened to be directly below the balcony of their apartment and, at first, police thought it was suicide.
Pedro Antonio is said to have told police that, after she fell, he ran down stairs and found her still alive.
A neighbour called the emergency service but the team of paramedics were unable to save the young woman who died at the scene.
Police and forensic experts continued their search of the scene for the weapons or weapon yesterday, but by last night, had found nothing.
The hunt for the weapons is expected to continue today as detectives continue trying to piece Kovaloska's death together.
Pedro Antonio from Jaen on the mainland is set to appear before a remand hearing today.